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Lawyer engagement to create cost-effective web content and thought leadership 

It is well known in law firm Business Development circles that the difference between great firms and the rest of the market is thought leadership. Nowadays, even the smallest firms have at least a visually ‘good’ website, which will highlight the sectors it services, areas of work it undertakes, biographies for the team members and perhaps some examples of the recent work it has done.

Only the best firms will have topical content that is refreshed regularly and which allows the firm’s lawyers to demonstrate thought leadership, which in turn drives the right sort of traffic to the website, generating work opportunities and boosting the firm’s profile, creating a virtuous circle.

Law firms find it difficult to step up to the next level. Why?

  • the need for individual lawyers to take time out from fee-earning in order to create that content
  • lawyers are slow to comment on typical issues so post ‘old news’

We have a solution!

rhubarbHive are working with a digital agency that can now provide a fully maintained and cutting edge website that offers:

  • integrated new technology
  • lawyers the ability to use news stories to create meaningful thought leadership within minutes
  • option to use on desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • creation of blogs on firm’s website to automatically create social media content
  • tracking of impact of posts to allow lawyers to view their performance
  • natural competition created within the firm from the most successful posts and website engagement

By using this service, law firms that wish to drive themselves forward will be able to make a substantial impact in a relatively short period of time and ensure that their profile will be raised as a consequence.

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